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Keep this site great by making a donation

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Topic: Keep this site great by making a donation
Posted By: admin
Subject: Keep this site great by making a donation
Date Posted: 10/29/05 at 1:26pm

You can now help keep this site going by making a donation. -

Thanks for helping keep this site the great Highland Games site that it is!


Posted By: Wayne Hill
Date Posted: 10/29/05 at 3:38pm
I did.


"We may be small, but we're slow." - MIT Rugby

Posted By: Ali.G
Date Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:50am

Posted By: jeffloosle
Date Posted: 11/01/05 at 3:56am


My check is in the mail today!

Appreciate your site, forum and most especially, the data base.

I am sure that your site is "the" Scottish Heavies Source!



Posted By: Terry Lawson
Date Posted: 11/01/05 at 5:45am

Done! Keep up the good work!!!!

Terry Lawson


“The hard stuff we do right away, the impossible stuff takes a little longer!”

Posted By: KTDupuis
Date Posted: 11/18/05 at 3:29am
Guys, all it takes is a credit card and 3 minutes of your time.

Thanks for all the hard work Kurt! The Database on your site is an invaluable tool for me when it comes to working on the SSAAA website.

Thanks again,
Kevin Dupuis
SSAAA Webmaster

"I have a right to my opinion, and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion" - G. Carlin

Posted By: Edward
Date Posted: 12/13/05 at 4:25pm

It ain't much, but it wasn't painful.  PayPal worked great.

Thanks for all the good work.


Posted By: Maddog Mitchell
Date Posted: 3/03/06 at 6:10am


Thanks for the site it's a great tool for improvement and info. I have made a donation and will again.




Posted By: weaselking
Date Posted: 5/04/06 at 7:33am
I tried to make a donation via this email last month, and it just got kicked back to me.  Is there another way I should be doing this?

We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality. - Ayn Rand

Posted By: wallyworld
Date Posted: 12/06/06 at 12:19am
Love the site , the database and, especially, the forum!!  Sent, last year, what should be an amount  that could help keep this excellent site viable.  Of course, it was not all one-sided.  On my end, got an excellent database to determine the best athletes for the North American Championships!!!!!  It would not have been possible to be as as fair a Championships as it would have been  without it!!!  We'll have to definatly do it again next year!!! 
The Trustees willing and the creek don't rise!!!!!!!


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 12/11/06 at 1:45pm

I found an error on the donations page so it should be working right now.



Posted By: seckmrl
Date Posted: 3/06/07 at 3:40pm

Just an FYI to anyone who reads this, if you use the database to record or rank throwers for your games you should chip in for the cost of keeping it up..  I am sending you my check as soon as I get it from the treasurer..  THanks for the great site it is a huge help!!!!


Ryan Seckman

Mesa Az AD

Posted By: KTDupuis
Date Posted: 3/07/07 at 4:15am

You are correct. I have had more people asking me about the NASGA DB lately than my own website. Maybe these same people would consider contributing to the cause.

Just realized I hadn't donated since late 2005. Just sent another donation.

Thanks Kurt!!!

"I have a right to my opinion, and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion" - G. Carlin

Posted By: weaselking
Date Posted: 5/04/07 at 4:15am
Thx for the great resource, Kurt.

We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality. - Ayn Rand

Posted By: zdkrempin
Date Posted: 6/15/07 at 7:36am

Done-- thanks for a great site.   You do a awesome job and the site is easy to navigate.

I will donate again.




Posted By: Praetorian
Date Posted: 6/15/07 at 10:44am


Posted By: Angus Billy
Date Posted: 8/17/07 at 9:44am
Site is invaluable to everyone involved. Thanks for keeping it going so well. Scottish Masters Athletics International is happy to contribute.

Angus Billy

Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 2/21/09 at 10:07am

For those who tried to donate in the past few months, the donate button was setup to donate to the wrong e-mail address so the donations were not received.  It's fixed now.




Posted By: MacFarlane Red
Date Posted: 2/21/09 at 10:51am
My last donation came back from Janruary.

I just made one again.

Thanks for all you do!

(Got my receipt, Pay Pal working Good Now. 02/23/09)

Red C
I may be Small and Slow, but I'm Old and Treacherous!

Posted By: seckmrl
Date Posted: 2/23/09 at 3:55pm

Sending you a donation again to support your efforts as I need your web site to help me secure the top people for our World CHampionship event..  Thank you!!! $100.00 from Arizona AD's hope it helps you keep this going strong

Posted By: Big Ed
Date Posted: 3/24/09 at 5:11am
I sent you another donation of $100.  I added this to my athletic budget so I can continue to send it every year.  Love the site and feel that what I and the San Antonio Highland Games recieves is well worth the donation...every games listed should send in something!!! 

Posted By: Wild Irishman
Date Posted: 9/02/09 at 4:51pm

Thank you for a networking site into heavy athletics. Hope to make some contacts, learn technique and be on the scene soon!

Wild Irishman, Detroit Area.




Posted By: AlDargie
Date Posted: 1/27/11 at 11:44am
Good time to make a small donation.

Dyin' ain't much of a living, boy. - Outlaw Josey Wales

Posted By: MacRae73
Date Posted: 2/15/11 at 8:14am

Donation made !

I greatly appreciate the site and all of the information regarding games and schedules. with out NASGA, I probably would not have been to nearly so many games over my first couple years - heres to improvement in the future.


Posted By: Throwgrl
Date Posted: 10/16/11 at 8:08am

I really appreciate this site.  Two questions.

1.  Where am I supposed to donate here?

2. I've started a new business.  How do I get an advertisement on the site, and what does it cost?

You can overcome adversity!

Posted By: Wayne Hill
Date Posted: 12/12/11 at 1:52am
I'm not an official spokesperson for this site, but here's a link to the donation page:" rel="nofollow -

For the latter, contact admin.

"We may be small, but we're slow." - MIT Rugby

Posted By: Jeremy Robinson
Date Posted: 3/21/17 at 5:44am
Just donated a little bit. Thanks for all the work on this site, we really appreciate it.

Posted By: jdcowen
Date Posted: 9/14/17 at 3:00pm
$20 isn't much but there will be more to come!

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

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